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Do you want a taste of Tiny Orca? We've created a free sample and preset pack with some awesome killer sounds. Feel free to share these packs with your friends. We're all for supporting artists and understand not everybody has the cash to buy sample packs and presets.

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Tiny Orca allows me to help other artists with my samples and presets. Jakaan

I've been using samples from Tiny Orca for 2 years, with a huge smile on my face XD Michel 'MKay' Kramer

I've started mixing genres like a maniac since I discovered Tiny Orca. Predit0r


Let us perfect your sound

We're a team of passionate and experienced mastering professionals, with incredible gear and fair pricing. You will increase the potential of your music by making your music sound great everywhere. On vinyl or a cd, in a club or on the radio. Our studio is especially engineered to create professional masters with an authentic warm and open sound.

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Our reason to be

Our sole purpose is to provide you with more inspiration, great presets and the highest possible quality of audio packs.

We truly understand your need for great sounds as we ourselves are a team of musicians, producers, engineers and label owners. That is why we only release producers that are either well known in their scene or incredibly talented. That is how we can keep our promise to you and provide you with killer audio packs.



Our backbone

Tiny Orca is proud to be part of the Indieplant platform. Indieplant is an international management platform for independent artists, labels and agents. We provide online management support, an online academy, publishing, digital and physical music distribution, video distribution, audio mastering and more.